Looking for a great freelance food or health writer?

Are you looking for creative, quality writing on food or health topics? Do you need concise, well-researched content that will engage and perhaps amuse your audience? Today’s world is filled with distractions, and to be effective, your copy must be innovative but have a focused message that is finely tuned to grab your clients’ attention.

Maybe you are needing a series of breezy, fun posts for your company’s blog, some fresh website content, or short, interesting articles for a newsletter.  Perhaps you want to creatively highlight a new product, share an interview with an employee or client, or advertise an upcoming event. You might be looking for heavily researched long-form articles, magazine content, or help with planning and writing grant proposals.

Wouldn’t it be great to find a freelance writer who takes the time to understand your exact needs, develops unique, fresh content, communicates effectively, and delivers quality writing on-time without any fuss? Wouldn’t that make your job so much easier?

I can do that for you.

Please check out my portfolio to see some of my past work, then call or e-mail me to discuss your project.